World Doula Week starts today. World Doula week is the celebration of how doulas make a difference in the world. Doulas are non-judgmental friends who help you transition through some of the most important and challenging changes in family life…. a new life enters or a life is ending. Doulas can be there both at the beginning and the end of the circle of life.


Doulas can specialize in various aspects:

Fertility Doulas

Birth Doulas

Postpartum Doulas

End of Life Doulas / Bereavement Doulas


I am a postpartum doula in Marin/San Francisco. We are so fortunate in Marin and San Francisco to have a plethora of amazing doulas. The doula/client relationship is very personal and rather intimate. A doula is someone that you get to be yourself with. You get to be your worst self and your best self and you are equally respected. It is common that one laughs and cries with a doula. A doula will often help you figure out where you actually need some help before you know you need it.


There are many aspects in the postpartum timeframe that can be confusing, overwhelming, frustrating and exhausting. A postpartum doula can help you figure things out, alleviate much of the stress and frustration, catch up on your own sleep and personal care – such as eating and hydrating. Once you have someone help peel away the outer layers of exhaustion, confusion and frustration, you will have more time for joy, laughter, healing and growing with your little one.


A postpartum doula is also very experienced with newborn babies and can help you figure out how to do something, or take over for a while so that you can relax. You can work on soothing techniques together and figure out what works best for your baby. Doulas can come in overnight and take care of baby while you sleep. Baby can be brought to you when it is time to feed, or the doula can manage that as well if baby is taking a bottle so you can rest.


Doulas really do make a difference, one family at a time.