Parents and their babies

I work with families. Some clients start with me the day the baby is born and coming home from the hospital. Prior to that, I can also help set up a space and get the home ready before baby is born. A great trick is to have little diaper/baby stations in rooms where you will be spending lots of time. Some clients hire me to come along weeks or even months after the baby is born and their sleep patterns are starting over again.

I function as a non judgemental set of ears, eyes, and hands. I listen and observe and offer suggestions, but never take over the role of the parent. At times, I let Mom/Dad take a break, perhaps some time alone, perhaps a nap. Everyone needs a break to recharge. 

When I do overnight shifts, I can bring baby in when it is meal time, or if baby is taking a bottle, offer that to baby and allow Mom/Dad to sleep through the night. 

I have worked with babies who are transitioning to more independence if both parents are heading back to work. Getting baby ready for daycare or even a nanny situation can take a bit of time and patience. 


Perinatal Resources

Contacts within the local Perinatal Community

As we work together, we will discuss your recovery and baby’s progress. There will likely be aspects that are challenging and that we work on together. We will also discuss when it is time to get medical help. Your physical and mental health are of utmost importance. We will like to see your baby feeding well and gaining weight early on. As baby develops, we will discuss milestones and concerns that you may have.   


The local perinatal community is quite extensive with specialists in all sorts of fields. Knowing when and who to contact for extra help can be crucial.